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Hazel colour lens

Hazel is one of the hottest trends now for any skin tone. The best part about this shade is that it goes with almost any look you think about pulling off. Some people use hazel and hazel brown lens terms interchangeably, however, hazel lens has a subtle hint of green that differentiates it from the completely brown shade. It goes with any skin tone as well.
Many people complain about lenses looking too artificial. If you have the same complain, you should give our Hazel colour lens a chance. You will love its natural, but a completely new look. Even if you have black eyes, this lens will give your eye a natural hazel look.

Hazel shade is also good to wear with any color cloths as well. No matter what color you wear, it can give you an equally sophisticated and glamorous look. Just put this lens and you will pull out a completely new look.

However, there are many types of lenses as well that may look from a natural look to an extremely artificial funky look. At, we only offer Hidrocor Color Lenses that are supposed to be the most natural-looking lenses in the world. Hidrocor lenses are single tone and do not have a limbal ring. Meanwhile, other types of lenses mostly have limbal ring and multi-tone shades making it look unnatural and artificial.

At, we have a variety of hazel lens shades for your liking. You can pick from a variety of collections from Ochre, Mel, Hazel lens or hazel brown lens. All our lenses are yearly worn and can be used for 1 year after opening. Our lens shelf life is of 5 years. All our lenses have a 40% water content that makes it extremely light and comfortable to wear. When you are wearing our lenses, you will not even feel if you are wearing any lens.

All our hazel lens shades are of high quality and can be used without any irritation or discomfort for an extended period. You may also check out our reviews of hazel colour lens to get an idea of our quality.

With our hazel lens, you will also get a Free Ultimate Plus Lens kit and solution. You must change the solution after every use to get the best results and comfort.

Note: Also, remember to change the container of your lenses every 3 months.


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Brown, hazel

5 Years

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hazel brown lens

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