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Focus on Quality believes that eyes are one of the most precious , but sensitive parts of human body. So, we never risk or compromise on quality no matter what!

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We believe our 100% satisfied customers are our biggest asset. This is the reason why we have such a high percentage of customers who buy again and again from us. It is their trust on our quality products and services that motivates us to keep going and deliver the best possible products and services at lowest eye lens price in Pakistan.

I have bought many shades from for myself and my clients and all of them turned out to be so amazingly beautiful and of high quality! I have never had a single complain with them. Plus, their support is super amazing. They are always there to answer your query regarding any shades and brands. is my go to place when I want to buy colored contact lenses. They are of top quality and feel so comfortable and light in the eyes. I highly recommend it to my colleagues who want to get the best quality lenses in the best eye lens price in Pakistan.

I really liked the lenses Mel and Quartz, it is super comfortable and light weight in the eyes. That’s why I always order my lenses from I highly recommend their products and service.

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We pick the very best so you can be assured of the quality. There can be no compromises when it comes to materials, ease of wear, and durability.

Best Contact Lenses at the most affordable eye lens price in Pakistan is your ultimate place to buy contact lenses online of the best quality contact lenses at the most amazing contact lenses price in pakistan. We believe in providing the best quality and branded colored contact lenses to our customers. Our top priority is to make sure our customers are satisfied with our products and services. We offer premium quality yearly wear hidrocor lenses. Our colored contact lenses will make your eyes look beautiful and natural without causing any discomfort or irritation. You can buy contact lenses online at our website 24 x 7.

Why Choose Us?

Since eyes are a very sensitive part of our body, we believe in not compromising on the quality at any cost. That’s why we believe in offering only premium quality color lenses online to our valuable customers. When you buy a lens from us, you can be sure, your eyes are not at any risk. Because our lenses are soft, comfortable and very light in use that also at the lowest eye lens price in Pakistan. On the other hand, all our lenses can be worn for an extended period without any trouble. To be precise, most of our customers have been wearing our lenses for more than 8 hours a day without any issues for a whole year. So, all our lenses can be used for 1 year after opening the seal. On the other hand, it has a shelf life of 5 years as well. So, the choice is clear, buy contact lenses online of the best quality in reasonable rates from only.

What will you get with our Eye Lenses? also provides a free branded lens solution of Ultimate Plus with Free Kit and Free Delivery. This makes sure the lenses we provide you are kept soft and comfortable throughout the usage cycle of 1 year. You need to change the solution after every use for the best results. With us, you get the best quality for the lowest eye lens price in Pakistan.

At, we maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rate. It means that none of our customers have been disappointed by our products or services.
Meanwhile, we offer a unique service that no other lens provider offers in Pakistan. Many customers complain that they ordered from an online lens store but received a completely different shade than their expectations. First time ever in Pakistan, shows you the real shade before confirming the order. This means that you can be 100% sure that you will get the shade that you have selected online with us.

How are our prices the best contact lenses price in pakistan?

You can do your survey on your own. Our rates are unmatched for the usage cycle, quality and type of lens that we provide. So, Order contact lenses online now from

There is a vast variety of contact lenses brands available in Pakistan. However, here is the list of the best contact lenses brand in Pakistan:

  • Bausch + Lomb
  • Polyflex
  • Sauflon
  • Dilaies
  • Acucve
  • AlconAll these¬†brands¬†are the best contact lenses¬†brand¬†in Pakistan.¬†All¬†their¬†lenses¬†are¬†extremely soft,¬†light¬†weight and natural.¬†They don‚Äôt cause¬†any¬†irritation¬†as¬†well.¬†You can wear these lenses for an extended period without any problems.The only downside¬†is¬†that the eye lens price in Pakistan of all¬†these¬†brands¬†is¬†very¬†high.¬†But provides you the ultimate solution for this problem.¬†We are¬†offering¬†the¬†best¬†quality¬†Polyflex¬†Hidrocor¬†yearly wear natural look lenses at an affordable rate.Now, you too can enjoy premium quality lenses without paying a fortune.

The Ultimate Guide for Eye Lens Price in Pakistan

There is no doubt about the fact that beautiful eyes catch instant attention of people you meet. Specially, if your eyes are colored, you will notice people will start taking interest in you the moment they meet you. Meanwhile, when you are bored with your same old look, a different eye color can simply give you a whole new refreshing look. This is the reason why eye lens colour are very trendy nowadays.

However, when it comes to eye lens price in Pakistan, there is a drastic different between the prices. Many people get confused that how can the eye lenses range from as little as few hundred rupees to thousands of rupees. This ultimate guide will help you out clarifying why there is such a huge variation in lenses price in Pakistan.

High Quality Contact Lenses Prices in Pakistan

First, we will talk about the high-quality contact lenses in Pakistan. If you go for the top brands like bausch + Lomb, Sauflon, Dilaies or Acucve, you will not get these at any lesser price than 5000 Pakistani rupees. All these brands are top-notch and offer high quality lenses in Pakistan. Meanwhile, a new competitor with the same quality has emerged recently with the name Polyflex. Polyflex is another imported brand that offers top-quality lenses but offer a more affordable price than its competitors. You can get Polyflex lenses easily in 2500 Pakistani rupees to 3000 Pakistani rupees depending on the series. At, we also introduce seasonal sales deducting contact lenses prices in Pakistan upto 40% off.

All the types of lenses we discussed in this category are medically certified by different organizations and 100% safe to wear as per their instructions for the mentioned period. Some of the best reasons to get these high-quality lenses are:

  • Super Light Weight
  • Extremely Soft
  • Safe to Wear
  • No Irritation or Eye Problems
  • Wearable for Extended Period

For these reasons, one should always get these high-quality lenses no matter what eye lens price in Pakistan you get it for. Eyes are the most delicate part of our body and one should not compromise on quality just to save a few extra bucks. Also, make sure, the wearing period and usage cycle is mentioned on the box. As, few stores even hide their usage cycle and recommend daily/party wear lenses for extended period. This can certainly hurt your eyes and cause irritation and other problems.

Medium Quality Eye Lenses prices in Pakistan

Then there come medium quality contact lenses that you may get for 1000 Pakistani rupees to 1500 Pakistani rupees. These eye lenses may be good for only a certain time. Certain types of these lenses are Dahab and other similar brands. These lenses may be safe to use depending on their medical certification. Make sure to check their expiry and if they are medically proven safe to wear.

Low Quality Contact Lenses Prices in Pakistan

Now, many people claim that they are not able to wear lenses and they cause irritation and problems in the eyes. The reason for these kinds of problems occur when people buy low quality contact lenses only because they are very cheap and economical. However, one must not forget that choosing such low-quality products for their eyes can cause even permanent damage to their delicate eyes. Other than that, it may cause irritation and make eyes red. The eye lens price of such quality contacts are available in 350 Pakistani rupees to 800 Pakistani rupees. You may also find these cheap quality lenses in form of buy 2 get 1 free or buy 1 get 1 free offer. These offers may be ok for buying any product that has nothing to do with your eyes or body. But they can be extremely dangerous for your eyes.

So, we believe we have answered all the questions regarding the huge different among the contact lenses price in Pakistan. The key to know the justified eye lens price in Pakistan is as follows:

  • High Quality Eyes Lens Price in Pakistan would be between 2000 to 5000 Pakistani rupees depending on the brand and quality.
  • Medium Quality contact lenses price in Pakistan would be between 1000 to 1500 Pakistani Rupees.
  • Low Quality Lenses in Pakistan would be anything below 1000 Pakistani Rupees.
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