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brown-colour-lenshazel brown eye lens

Brown, hazel

hazel brown lens

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There are many types of colored contact lenses. But, hidrocor lenses are the most popular lenses all over the world. Solotica hidrocor is the best known hidrocor brand currently. however, they are not affordable to many people. They do not have a limbal ring. That’s why they look very natural and beautiful. They don’t make your eyes look artificial. When you wear these lenses, they will look as natural as your own eyes.

Most brands offering hidrocor lenses are very expensive in Pakistan. Most of them range from more than 4000 to 6000. Similarly, Solotica hidrocor also cost more than 5 thousand rupees in Pakistan. However, has introduced first time ever in Pakistan Hidrocor lenses at the lowest prices.

The best part of our lenses is that they are offered in the highest of quality but without costing you a fortune. All our customers have been 100% satisfied with the quality they have received from They are totally comparable to Bauch and Lomb, Acuvue and Solotica hidrocor lenses.

We believe in taking care of our customers. That’s why, we never compromise on quality. Even after making the sale, we are always available to guide our valuable customers. We guide them about wearing the lenses for first-time users as well. Since our launch, we have maintained our quality standards and have never compromised. This is the reason why we have a very high percentage of returning customers who have been satisfied with our products and services. If you want to buy hidrocor lenses in affordable prices, go ahead and order now.